The River Crossing Playback team

Lenore Bajare-Dukes (actor, conductor) experienced the power of Playback Theatre in 2015 as a graduate student in Peacebuilding & Conflict Transformation, joining a troupe there and then River Crossing in 2018 after moving to Pennsylvania. She is currently director of lifespan faith development at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lancaster.

Janet Bixler (actor) stepped into Playback Theatre in 2014, having studied and worked in educational and professional theatre for more than 15 years. With a life-long passion for teaching and social change, she is currently the director of first-year experience at Central Penn College in Enola, PA.

Chris Fitz (artistic director, conductor, actor) has been immersed in Playback Theatre and other improvisational methods since 2003 in Washington, DC, Germany and now the Susquehanna Valley, holding an MA and BA in international development and conflict resolution. Chris founded River Crossing Playback in 2007, and is also currently director of strategic initiatives and training at Advoz: Mediation & Restorative Practices in Lancaster, PA.

Stephanie Fry (actor) first experienced Playback Theatre in 2008, in its local debut in the Healing York Initiative, rejoining the work in 2021 upon returning to the area after a decade away. An experienced mediator and facilitator, she is currently works in marketing and community outreach for Foundations Behavioral Health.

Cintra Harbold (actor, conductor) lives in Baltimore with her partner and has been doing Playback Theatre for 20 years, both in Baltimore and with River Crossing since 2010. A practicing licensed psychologist, and former evaluator for state-managed mental health programs, Cintra also has also practiced Psychodrama for more than a decade.

Colleen Schields (business manager) has trained and performed with River Crossing Playback since 2008. She works as a school nurse in Dallastown Area Middle School, and also enjoys writing poetry, working with children, and another improvisational form called Interplay.

Daryl Snider (musician) is a singer-songwriter, facilitator and database programmer who first saw the change-potential of Playback Theatre in 2010, as a Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation graduate student. He’s been a musician with River Crossing since 2015.

Hayley Ryan (actor) is the child of performing artists who decided to take a detour into family medicine. She was thrilled to discover Playback Theatre in 2016, after moving to Lancaster for medical residency training and has continued with River Crossing since then. She now works as a family physician with a focus on obstetrics, maternal child health and breastfeeding medicine.

Carmen Tisnado (actor) has returned to Playback Theatre after a twenty-seven year hiatus! She was a member of DC Playback Theatre when she lived in Washington, D.C. During those 27 years she still used improv and playback when teaching Spanish language and Latin American literature to college students. Upon retirement, she is thrilled to join River Crossing Playback Theatre.

Joanne Walcerz (actor) learned Playback Theatre and joined River Crossing in 2013. She studied theatre, Slavic Languages and Literature in New York, then spent 25 years as a women’s health educator, teaching and performing for diverse audiences. She is currently a professional therapist, and owner of Blissful Spirit Massage and was recently featured in a cover story in 50-Plus Life, “Still Fearless at 62.”